The II AM Trilogy

Urban Fantasy Novels by Christopher Buecheler

The II AM Trilogy Timeline

Note: a day is not considered over until sunrise

Note 2: This timeline obviously contains massive, MASSIVE spoilers.

The Cradle of Civilization

5280 BCE Eresh originates in Mesopotamia
4904 BCE Ngembe originates in Mesoamerica
2800 BCE Code of Eresh-Kigal established
2224 BCE Ashayt Born in Egypt
2204 BCE Ashayt becomes a vampire (Ashayt mutation originates)
2204 BCE Ashayt flees Egypt, moves NE along Mediterranean coast
2200 BCE Ashayt reaches Jerusalem, settles there for a time
2108 BCE Ashayt meets Eresh
1917 BCE Ashayt decides to move again
1914 BCE Ashayt settles in Northern Syria
1908 BCE Ay’Araf Born in Merhgarh (Indus Valley Civilization)
1880 BCE Ay’Araf becomes a vampire (Ay’Araf mutation originates)

Egyptian Dominance

1896 BCE Ashayt makes first fledgling
1876 BCE Ashayt makes second fledgling
1823 BCE Ashayt makes third fledgling
1714 BCE Ashayt’s third fledgling departs
1702 BCE Eresh unites Ashayt and Ay’Araf
1643 BCE Ashayt and Ay’Araf kill Eresh at her request
871 BCE Eadwyn born
845 BCE Eadwyn becomes a vampire
763 BCE Burilgi Vampires first found in Russia/Mongolia
732 BCE Ay’Araf is murdered
600 BCE The Elder Doctrines Established

The Roman Empire

523 BCE Ashayt visits Ay’Araf’s grave
140 BCE Abraham is born
102 BCE Abraham becomes a vampire (Eresh)
1 CE Common Era Begins

The Dark Ages

661 CE Isaac Born
679 CE Isaac becomes a vampire (Ay’Araf)
815 CE Lisette Born
834 CE Lisette becomes a vampire (Ashayt)

The Middle Ages

1098 CE Malik Born
1118 CE William Born
1122 CE Malik becomes a vampire (Ay’Araf)
1161 CE William becomes a vampire (Ashayt)
1287 CE Aros Born
1311 CE Aros becomes a vampire (Burilgi)
1400 CE Incans become aware of Ngembe vampires
1420 CE Children of the Sun Formed

The Renaissance

1500 CE Ngembe strain is effectively wiped out
1560 CE Incans conquered by Conquistadors
1562 CE Ngembe assumes control of the Children of the Sun
1586 CE Theroen is born
1600 CE The Children of the Sun flee north
1603 CE Naomi is born
1607 CE The European Council of Vampires is founded
1609 CE Theroen becomes a vampire (Eresh)
1612 CE Naomi’s parents die. She becomes homeless
1615 CE Lisette meets Naomi, eventually “adopting” her
1619 CE Theroen meets Lisette and Naomi
1620 CE Naomi becomes a vampire (Ashayt)
1650 CE Abraham kills Lisette. Theroen returns to Abraham
1668 CE Abraham kills Isaac
1676 CE Stephen is born
1697 CE Stephen becomes a vampire (Ay'Araf)

The Industrial Revolution

1706 CE The European Council attempts to discipline Abraham
1708 CE Abraham and Theroen move to America
1723 CE Jakob is born
1755 CE Jakob becomes a vampire (Ay’Araf)
1776 CE American Independence
1780 CE The American Council of Vampires is formed
1794 CE Sasha is born

The American Age

1815 CE Sasha becomes a vampire (Ay’Araf)
1850 CE Melissa is born
1858 CE Jakob and Sasha move to the USA
1872 CE Melissa becomes a vampire (Eresh)
1948 CE First Burilgi Council members inducted
1952 CE Naomi moves to America
1968 CE Naomi meets Stephen
1970 CE Naomi and Stephen visit Ireland together
1971 CE Tori Born
1977 CE Rhes Born
1978 CE Sarah Born
1981 CE Samantha Born
1984 CE Two is born (7/17)
1991 CE Molly Born (9/15)
1992 CE Tori becomes a vampire (Eresh)
1994 CE Two’s mother is killed in a car accident
1999 CE Two leaves her father, meets Rhes
1999 CE Two moves in with Rhes
2001 CE Rhes meets Sarah. Two moves out
2002 CE Molly begins working for Darren
2002 CE Sarah moves in with Rhes
2002 CE Two begins working for Darren

The Blood That Bonds Begins

October 2003
22 Two meets Theroen
Two is bitten, becomes half-vampire
23 Two wakes in cell, is instructed by Theroen
Two meets Abraham
24 Two enters withdrawal, meets Melissa
Two drinks willingly from Theroen for the first time
November 2003
20 Theroen begins to tell his history
Two meets Missy
Two becomes a vampire (Eresh)
Two hunts for the first time
21 Two asks about Lisette. Theroen continues his story
Two witnesses Missy turn Samantha into a half-vampire
Two meets Tori
Two hunts for the second time
Theroen finishes his story
Abraham assaults Two
23 Theroen, Two and Melissa discuss options
Samantha wakes up
Two is attacked by Missy
Two kills Missy/Melissa
Theroen, Samantha, and Two attempt to escape
Abraham reveals the truth about Lisette
Two and Samantha flee with Tori
Abraham kills Theroen
24 Two, Tori and Samantha visit Darren
Tori kills Darren
Two sends Molly to Rhes and Sarah
Two announces her intent to kill Abraham
Samantha departs
Two and Tori pick up supplies and stop at a motel
25 Two and Tori arrive at the mansion
Abraham surprises them
Samantha admits to the betrayal
Two kills Samantha
Two kills Abraham
27 Two begins to revert to human
Two burns Abraham’s remains
December 2003
4 Two discovers Theroen’s remains
Unable to rouse Theroen, Two entombs him
10 Two has become fully human
Tori begins to revert to human
January 2004
8 Two and Tori leave the mansion with many valuables
9 Two rents an apartment in SoHo
14 The American council realizes that Abraham is missing
15 Two makes a salvage trip to the mansion
22 Two makes a salvage trip to the mansion
February 2004
6 Two makes a salvage trip to the mansion
11 Two makes a salvage trip to the mansion
19 Two makes a salvage trip to the mansion
21 The American council scouts the mansion’s entire grounds
22 The American council ensures Theroen's tomb is fireproof
The American council burns the mansion to the ground
27 Two returns to the mansion and finds it burned down
March 2004
10 Two and Tori visit Rhes, Sarah, and Molly
12 Tori’s parents are discovered
Two calls Tori's parents and speaks with Jim
Jim doesn’t believe that Tori is alive
20 William Steps down as head of the American Council
Naomi is promoted to Senior Council Member
25 Two and Tori fly to Ohio
26 Tori returns home

The Blood That Bonds Ends

April 2004
11 Two returns to New York
12 Two begins to search for vampires
23 Stephen moves in temporarily with Naomi
May 2004
5 Tori takes a job as an administrative assistant for a dentist
26 The Children of the Sun become aware of Tori
The Children of the Sun send out a member to shadow Tori
June 2004
14 The Children of the Sun's representative confirms Tori's abilities
23 The Children put their plan into action
25 Two begins to withdraw from her friends
27 Two skips her first social outing
July 2004
13 Tori hears a strange voice in her mind for the first time
17 Two turns Twenty
27 Tori realizes that the voice is growing steadily louder
August 2004
15 The American Council notices that The Children of the Sun are recruiting
September 2004
13 Molly turns thirteen

Blood Hunt Begins

15 Tori sleeps with a random man named Tom
Tom leaves in the middle of the night
Tori wakes, prepares to leave the motel
Tori hears a voice in her head so loud she is staggered
Tori goes home
Tori has a short conversation with her concerned mother
17 Tori’s father confronts Tori
Tori suggests that she should perhaps move out
21 Tori's parents confront Tori about her behavior
Tori and her mother argue strongly
Tori leaves to stay in a motel
24 The Children of the Sun murder Tori’s parents
Tori discovers their bodies
25 Tori speaks with police; her alibi is solid
Rhes phones Two, fights with Sarah
Tori tries to contact Two, but can’t find her
Tori calls Rhes and Sarah but hangs up on them
Rhes and Sarah leave to search for Two
Naomi is informed of Tori’s parents' murder by Malik
The AC decides to wait for police activity to abate before contacting Tori
Two spots Naomi in a crowd at an upscale Manhattan night club
Naomi disappears before Two can speak with her
Rhes and Sarah give up on finding Two, return home
Two returns home to sleep
26 Tori decides not to involve her friends further in her troubles
Two leaves for the nightclub as soon as the sun sets
Rhes and Sarah attempt to contact Tori with no success
Rhes and Sarah go to Two's apartment and break in
Rhes and Sarah are attacked by three Burilgi
Jakob saves Rhes and Sarah, killing the Burilgi
Rhes proposes to Sarah, who accepts
Sasha drives Jakob, Rhes and Sarah to the hospital
Rhes and Sarah spend the night in the hospital
Two again finds Naomi at the night club
Naomi leads Two outside and attacks her from above
Naomi realizes that Two has been touched by another vampire
Two passes out
Naomi takes Two to her apartment in a neighboring building
27 Rhes and Sarah return home from the hospital
Jakob visits Rhes and Sarah
Jakob assigns men to guard Rhes and Sarah
Two wakes in Naomi’s apartment
Two is attacked by Stephen
Naomi returns in time to save Two
Two tells her story to Naomi and Stephen
Naomi and Stephen agree to take Two before the American council
Naomi withholds her knowledge of Tori's situation
29 Tori buries her parents
Tori is approached by Charles
Charles tells Tori about the Children of the Sun
Tori leaves and gets very drunk
Two returns to her home with Stephen and Naomi
Two learns of what has happened to Rhes and Sarah
Naomi advises Two not to involve Rhes and Sarah further
Naomi and Two visit the nightclub
Naomi reveals the bartender as an agent of the Children of the Sun
30 Tori meets with Charles
Charles explains the history of the Children of the Sun
Charles convinces Tori that her parents were murdered by vampires
Tori agrees to join the Children of the Sun
Sasha calls Sarah and gives her information on Two's situation
October 2004
5 Two meets with the American council
Two tells her story to the council
The council exonerates Two of any crimes
The council instructs Two to plead her case before the European Council
Two, Naomi and Stephen return to the apartment
Stephen leaves to meet with other vampires
Naomi kisses Two
Two spends some time lying in Naomi's arms
Two excuses herself and goes to bed
Rhes and Sarah are cleared of danger from the Burilgi
Jakob removes his guards from Rhes and Sarah
6 Two, Stephen and Naomi make plans to journey to London
7 Tori arrives at the facility of the Children of the Sun
Tori begins indoctrination as a member of the Children of the Sun
8 Two, Naomi and Stephen fly to Reykjavik, Iceland
9 Two, Naomi and Stephen fly to London, England
12 The council becomes aware of Tori's disappearance
The council sends out trackers to find Tori
26 The trackers return empty-handed
The council assumes Tori has been murdered like her parents
November 2004
17 Naomi rents a townhouse in Kensington, London
23 Two "celebrates" the anniversary of Theroen's death by over-drinking
Naomi finds Two drunk and near-hysterical
Naomi and Two spend the night in the same bed and share a kiss
December 2004
25 Naomi insists on celebrating Christmas. Two and Stephen grudgingly comply
28 Stephen visits Ireland for ten days
January 2005
28 Naomi spends time out with other vampires, gets drunk, comes home
Naomi semi-intentionally uses her aura to seduce Two
Two and Naomi have their first sexual encounter
Two and Naomi discuss the event
Two and Naomi enter into a cautious relationship
30 Stephen returns to London
February 2005
11 Stephen discovers Two’s relationship with Naomi
March 2005
23 Two asks Stephen to train her to fight
Stephen agrees, and tells Two to cut her hair
Two cuts her hair, talks with Stephen
Naomi returns home, helps Two style her hair
April 2005
23 Naomi bites Two for the first time during sex
May 2005
27 Tori finishes the first stage of programming and begins active training
June 2005
11 Naomi says 'I love you' to Two for the first time
July 2005
17 Two turns Twenty-One
September 2005
13 Molly turns fourteen
24 Rhes and Sarah are married
October 2005
15 Rhes and Sarah legally adopt Molly
16 The Children of the Sun abduct two Burilgi for reasons unknown
21 During sex, Naomi gives her blood to Two for the first time
November 2005
12 Two finishes Stephen's basic training
17 The European Council sets a date to meet with Two
To celebrate, Naomi and Two go out dancing
Naomi and Two return to the apartment and make love
Naomi asks why Two has never said 'I love you'
Two admits she is not ready to say those words to anyone but Theroen
December 2005
8 Two, Naomi and Stephen meets with the European Council
The European Council refuses Two's request to become a vampire
Eadwyn reveals the he was the swing vote on the council
Eadwyn promises to change his vote if Two does him a favor
Two accepts Eadwyn’s deal
Eadwyn gives Two a vial of Ay'Araf's blood to deliver to an unknown party
Naomi books three plane tickets to Turkey
10 Two, Stephen and Naomi fly to Turkey
11 Two, Stephen and Naomi meet Ashayt
Two delivers the vial to Ashayt
Ashayt reveals the truth about the vial
Ashayt offers Two the chance to restore Theroen to life
12 Naomi books four plane tickets to the USA
14 Naomi calls Jakob and asks him to rent an apartment
Aros's Vampires abduct Rhes, Sarah and Jakob
Sasha meets Molly
Sasha takes Molly with her to the council meeting
Malik and the council refuse to go after Jakob
15 Sarah wakes up in a cell and panics
Rhes wakes up in a different cell and meets Aros
Aros takes Rhes to Sarah, then takes both to their living quarters
Sasha and Molly travel to East New York
Sasha and Molly buy services from Jerry
Sasha feeds on a diner waitress
17 Aros visits Sarah to talk about her blindness
Sarah dreams of being able to see Rhes
Sarah wakes crying. Rhes comforts her
Shasha and Molly visit William
William agrees to convene an emergency meeting of the council
Two, Naomi, Stephen and Ashayt arrive in the USA
18 Jakob, Rhes and Sarah discuss curing blindness with vampirism
Two and Naomi arrive at the ruins of the Mansion
Two and Naomi find Theroen's body
Two injects Theroen with Ashayt and Ay'Araf's blood
Theroen returns to life as a new breed of vampire: Theroen-Sa
William holds the emergency council meeting. Most members attend
Stephen and Ashayt interrupt the council meeting
Ashayt addresses the assembled council members
Two, Theroen, and Naomi arrive at the council meeting
Two and Molly are reunited
The council agrees to send a small strike force to Aros's lair
Naomi, Stephen and Ashayt return to Naomi's apartment
Two and Theroen find a hotel
Two and Theroen make love, culminating in Theroen biting her
Two becomes a vampire, the first Theroen-Chen
19 The strike force heads for Aros's lair
Aros visits Jakob, Rhes and Sarah for the last time
Aros dismisses Jakob
Aros tries to convince Sarah to let him heal her eyes
Sarah refuses Aros's offer, and he leaves
Jakob kills the guards who intend to execute him, but is shot in the side
Jakob returns to speak with Rhes and Sarah
Jakob, Rhes and Sarah agree to try and escape
Jakob, Rhes and Sarah make their way into the sub-levels of the base
Rhes, Sarah and Jakob are surrounded by Burilgi
The Burilgi troops are surprised by the strike force
The strike force dispatches the Burilgi troops
Two, Rhes and Sarah are reunited
Rhes and Sarah leave with Markham and Kanene
Two, Theroen, Stephen, Naomi, Sasha, Ashayt and Jakob pursue Aros
The group finds Aros in a warehouse, surrounded by hundreds of Burilgi
Ashayt's presence causes the vast majority of the Burilgi to leave
Ashayt is unable to convince Aros to see reason
Aros is enraged by Two's vampirism and Theroen's existence
Aros orders the remaining Burilgi to attack
Aros catches Theroen by surprise, nearly stabbing him
Stephen attacks Aros. The two fight
Aros stabs Stephen in the chest
Jakob kills Aros
Stephen admits his love for Naomi
Stephen dies
Theroen attempts to comfort Naomi
Naomi accuses Theroen of stealing people she loves
Two attempts to talk to Naomi, but Naomi violently dismisses her
The group returns to New York City
Two and Theroen meet with William, Naomi, Jakob and Sasha
Naomi admits that the council knew of Tori's situation
Two becomes angry, but holds her anger in check
Theroen temporarily turns down a position on the American council
22 Malik retires from the American Council
William takes a permanent role as head of the American Council
24 The AC holds Stephen’s funeral
25 Rhes, Sarah and Molly celebrate Christmas together
27 Two meets with Rhes, Sarah and Molly

Blood Hunt Ends

January 2006
6 Naomi takes Stephen’s remains to Ireland
8 Council operatives begin investigating the Children of the Sun
22 Two and Theroen move in to a 6th floor loft in SoHo
February 2006
12 Two begins training in kickboxing and swordsmanship with Jakob
14 Naomi travels to France
March 2006
18 The Children of the Sun become aware of the council investigation
22 The Children of the Sun move Tori to Peru to continue her training
26 Naomi returns to New York
31 Naomi, Two and Theroen visit L’Obscurité
Naomi and Two discover that Thomas is still working there
June 2006
7 The Children of the Sun begin assembling Tori’s fellow hunters
July 2006
17 Two turns Twenty-Two
September 2006
13 Molly turns fifteen
24 Rhes and Sarah celebrate one year of marriage
June 2007
18 Theroen and Two begin attending council meetings as guests
July 2007
17 Two turns Twenty-Three
August 2007
1 Sarah becomes pregnant
September 2007
13 Molly turns sixteen
24 Rhes and Sarah celebrate two years of marriage
February 2008
15 Theroen and Two officially join the American Council
May 2008
3 Tori and her companions return to the United States
7 Sarah and Rhes's son, Nathan is born

The Children of the Sun

14 Two and Jakob spar with real swords
Two forces Jakob to yield for the first time in their training.
Jakob pronounces that Two is ready to attend a Burilgi fight if she wishes.
Two returns home, tells Theroen about her success.
Theroen tells Two that Naomi has invited them to L’Obscurité.
Two and Theroen meet a visibly drunk Naomi at L’Obscurité.
Naomi tries to kiss Two in the bathroom, and Two rebuffs her.
Naomi leaves from the side entrance.
Two explains what happened to Theroen.
Two and Theroen return home.
17 Thomas spends his last night at L’Obscurité.
Naomi attempts suicide by poison, lapses into unconsciousness.
18 Thomas breaks into Naomi’s apartment during the day.
Thomas stands over Naomi in her bed, watching her.
Thomas decides not to kill her and instead flees.
22 Naomi wakes in her bed, decides that poison is unreliable.
26 Tori’s crew attacks an Eresh named Matthias and his two fledglings.
Tori instructs Matthias to bring her message to the American Council.
Tori murders both of Matthias’s fledglings with little effort.
27 Two and Theroen go to the Ay’Araf club.
Two, Theroen, Jakob and Sasha watch an Ay’Araf fight.
Two fights and defeats an Ay’Araf vampire named Mike.
Two, Theroen and Jakob watch Sasha fight.
June 2008
2 Naomi moves to a new apartment in midtown.
6 Matthias tells his story to the American Council.
Naomi informs Two that Thomas has left L’Obscurité.
Two, Theroen and Naomi discuss Tori’s actions.
Two and Theroen argue about fleeing to Europe.
12 Vanessa and Charles have a private conversation
13 Vanessa, Tori, and the crew travel to California
14 Naomi purchases a handgun.
16 Tori confronts Ashayt.
Tori kills Ashayt.
26 Tori and her crew return to Chicago.
July 2008
09 Two and Theroen again journey to the Ay’Araf club
Two fights Mike for a second time.
The Children of the Sun attack the club.
Mike is killed by a spear-gun.
Two kills two members of the Children. Theroen kills a third.
Vanessa kills one of the Janssen twins.
Two and Theroen fight their way through the crowd.
The Children kill several Ay’Araf.
The Children set the building on fire.
Two, Theroen, Jakob and Sasha escape to the roof.
Two, Theroen and Sasha witness the Children’s forces depart.
10 William and Jakob host an emergency council meeting.
All large-scale vampire activities are suspended for a week.
14 William calls an emergency council meeting.
William informs the council members of Ashayt’s death.
The Children of the Sun attack the council meeting.
Peter Markham and Samuel die in the blast.
The Children’s army kills Wilson, James and Richard.
The Children’s army kills two other Ay’Araf council members.
Vanessa kills William.
Burke shoots Theroen in the shoulder.
Two kills Burke.
Two is separated from Theroen and Naomi.
Theroen and Naomi escape the cathedral.
Two, Jakob and Sasha are attacked by Vanessa, Paulo, Connors and Janus.
Jakob kills Janus.
Two kills Connors.
Tori and Vanessa kill Jakob.
Sasha kills Paulo.
Tori confronts Two, but recognizes her and retreats.
Two is rescued by Sasha and Leonore.
Theroen and Naomi arrive at Naomi’s new apartment.
Naomi asks Theroen to kill her.
Two, Sasha and Leonore reach Two’s apartment.
Two, Sasha and Leonore find the apartment occupied by Children forces.
Two, Sasha and Leonore flee to Rhes and Sarah’s house.
Theroen and Two speak on the phone.
Theroen promises to kill Naomi after the war with the Children is over.
15 Vanessa, Soon and Carrie discuss the battle.
Tori stops taking her pills.
The Children of the Sun return to Chicago.
Charles informs Vanessa that Thomas has been captured.
Charles collapses and is rushed to the hospital.
Kanene follows the Children to Chicago.
Two, Sasha and Leonore leave Rhes and Sarah’s house.
Two, Leonore and Sasha meet with Naomi and Theroen in Central Park.
Two, Leonore, Sasha, Naomi and Theroen debate their options.
Two goes walking, ends up climbing the Queensboro Bridge.
Two meets Brandon and talks with him for a time.
Kanene calls Naomi.
Kanene agrees to act as the council’s spy in Chicago.
Two returns to Naomi’s apartment to continue discussion.
Two and Theroen fight about personal responsibility.
The American council agrees to mount an assault on the Children.
17 Two turns twenty-four
18 Two, Naomi and Theroen agree to hold a council meeting
19 Two, Theroen, Naomi, Sasha, Leonore and Lewis meet.
The council finalizes its plan of attack.
The council settles on August 2nd.
The council splits to begin preparations.
Vanessa visits Charles.
Charles reveals that he has inoperable brain cancer.
Vanessa agrees to become the new Left Hand.
Charles reveals to Vanessa that the Emperor is a vampire.
Vanessa returns to her dormitory to contemplate.
Carrie and Vanessa discuss various events.
23 Vanessa visits Charles.
They discuss Thomas’s fate.
Vanessa promises to return to talk about Tori, and departs.
Charles dies.
27 Charles is given a lavish funeral.
August 2008
2 Two and Theroen break into the Children’s Base.
Two and Theroen descend to the bottom floor of the base.
Two and Theroen hide from Children forces in a locker room.
Two and Theroen are discovered and subsequently captured.
Two and Theroen are interrogated by Colonel Miller.
Two and Theroen are brought to a cell.
Two and Theroen encounter Thomas.
Thomas explains about his rebellion and capture.
Tori arrives at the cell.
Tori and Two argue over whether the council killed Tori’s parents.
Thomas reveals that the Emperor killed Tori’s parents.
Thomas gives Tori the secret login to the Children’s mainframe.
Tori confirms what Thomas has told her.
Tori releases Two, Theroen, and Thomas.

Carrie wakes Vanessa after learning of the vampires’ capture.
Vanessa makes her way to the Command Center.
Vanessa convinces Colonel Miller to allow her to interrogate the vampires.

Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas make their way to the garage.
Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas dispatch the Children soldiers there.
Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas open the garage doors.
A Children soldier sets off the alarm. Tori kills her.
The vampire forces amass in the garage.
Tori and Sasha have a brief confrontation.
The vampire forces begin their assault.

The Children forces stymie the assault, bottlenecking the vampires.
Vanessa pleads with Colonel Miller to be allowed to join her soldiers.
Colonel Miller relents and allows Vanessa to leave.
Vanessa visits the soldiers in the stairwell and encourages them to hold out.
Vanessa gets ammo and a grenade and heads for the first floor.

Tori and Two plan to blow up the elevators with C4.
Tori, Two, Theroen, Lewis and others harvest C4 from the Childrens’ vehicles.

Vanessa meets up with Carrie.
Carrie fills Vanessa in on the situation.
Vanessa visits a medic and intimidates a sergeant into returning to his post.

Tori sends Two and Theroen to get an extension cord.
Tori wires the cord to the C4

Vanessa gets a group of soldiers together and prepares to mount an attack.

Tori detonates the C4, destroying all three elevators.
The council forces put out the fires in their part of the building.
The council begins their second attack.

Private Jackson drags Vanessa to safety.
Vanessa and Jackson fall back to the second sub-level.

Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas head toward the Emperor’s chambers.

Vanessa finds other soldiers at the entrance to the Emperor’s chambers.
Colonel Davis reaches the Emperor’s chambers.
Colonel Davis agrees to let Vanessa stand guard.
Colonel Davis and his soldiers leave to escort the Emperor to safety.

The Emperor convinces Colonel Davis and most of his soldiers to move on.
Major Bishop and Manuel plan an ambush.

Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas arrive at the Emperor’s chambers.
Tori and Vanessa argue about their duties.
Vanessa attacks Tori.
Tori, Theroen, Two, and Thomas dispatch the Children soldiers.
Theroen leaves Vanessa alive but unconscious.
Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas enter the emperor’s chambers.
Manuel tackles Tori.
Major Bishop shoots Two with a high-powered rifle.
Theroen kills Major Bishop and attends to Two.
Tori gains the upper hand on Manuel.
Tori kills Manuel.
Tori tries to dress Two’s wounds.
Tori realizes Two needs blood, but stops Theroen from cutting his own wrist.
Two convinces Thomas to give her his blood.
While Two is healing, the group is confronted by the Emperor.

Carrie finds Vanessa unconscious outside of the Emperor’s chambers.
Carrie wakes Vanessa.
Carrie explains to Vanessa that time has grown short.
Carrie reveals that she has three incendiary grenades.

The Emperor explains his story to Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas.
The Emperor begins to mesmerize Two, Tori, and Thomas.
Theroen resists being mind-controlled.

Carrie and Vanessa resolve to escape via the Emperor’s Chambers.
Carrie and Vanessa witness the Emperor’s mesmerization attempt.

Theroen helps Tori resist the Emperor.
Tori attacks the Emperor.
Two, Thomas, and Theroen join the battle.

Carrie realizes the Emperor is not human.
Vanessa explains that Charles told her about the Emperor.
Vanessa has a vision of the Emperor burning alive.
Vanessa realizes she no longer hates the vampires, but rather the Emperor.
Vanessa orders Carrie to shoot the Emperor with Major Bishop’s rifle.

Two, Theroen, Tori, and Thomas continue to battle the Emperor.
The Emperor breaks Thomas’s leg and drops him on top of Two.

Carrie shoots the Emperor.
Tori, Vanessa, and Carrie prepare to burn the Emperor.
The Emperor attacks Vanessa.
Carrie leaps in front of the Emperor’s jaws.
The Emperor bites Carrie’s shoulder and stands up.
Tori plunges her blades into the Emperor’s chest.
Carrie shoves an incendiary grenade into the Emperor’s throat.
The Emperor bites Carrie’s arm off.
Tori tries to run but the Emperor grabs her.
The grenade goes off inside of the Emperor, blowing out his abdomen.
Tori, Carrie, and the Emperor are enveloped in flame.

Two, Theroen, Vanessa, and Thomas escape via an emergency tunnel.
Two, Theroen, Vanessa, and Thomas sit on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Two, Theroen, Vanessa, and Thomas discuss their plans.
Vanessa sets Thomas’s leg.
Vanessa says she plans to move to San Diego.
Vanessa leaves for Chicago.
Two and Theroen bring Thomas to a hospital.
Two and Theroen meet with Sasha, Lewis, and Leonore.
Sasha, Lewis, and Leonore depart.
Two and Theroen leave to find a hotel.
5 Tori half-wakes for the first time in the rubble of the Emperor’s chambers.
7 Two, Theroen, and Thomas return to New York.
8 Tori, still only half-aware, begins to drag herself toward the escape tunnel.
9 Two, Theroen, and Thomas visit Naomi.
Thomas explains his feelings for Naomi.
Naomi accepts Thomas into her life.
Two and Theroen take a walk and talk about the future.
Two and Theroen resolve to see where time takes them.
10 Two young boys discover Tori’s body on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Tori returns to full consciousness for the first time.
Tori begins to plot her revenge against Colonel Palowski and Major Davidson.

The Children of the Sun Ends

The II AM Trilogy Ends

October 2016
18 Malcolm Brooks wakes up in a Los Angeles hotel room to find a dead woman on the floor.