The II AM Trilogy

Urban Fantasy Novels by Christopher Buecheler

About The Collection

The II AM Trilogy Collection by Christopher Buecheler

The II AM Trilogy is an urban fantasy series featuring vampires both good and evil, none of whom sparkle. Dark, sometimes violent, often sensual, it is also filled with themes of love, hope, and redemption, the books have captured the imaginations of tens of thousands of readers, male and female, young and old, around the world.

This collection is a single eBook which contains all three novels found in the II AM Trilogy – The Blood That Bonds, Blood Hunt, and The Children of the Sun.

Note to current readers: if you already own all three eBooks, you already own everything that is in the collection. This release is intended for new readers. No need to re-buy unless for some reason you want everything in a single file!

The II AM Trilogy Collection is available exclusively as an eBook at this time. Unfortunately, a print edition would contain almost 1,500 pages, weigh close to three pounds, and (due to the nature of print-on-demand publishing) be prohibitively expensive to produce.

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